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Friday, January 21, 2011

Architectural Humanities Research Association Conference 2011. CALL FOR PAPERS

Submission: 15-Feb-2011
Opening: 27-Oct-2011
Closing: 29-Oct-2011
Queen’s University Belfast
School of Planning, Architecture & Civil Engineering (SPACE)

Peripheries are increasingly considered in contemporary culture, research and practice. This shift in focus challenges the idea that the centre primarily influences the periphery, giving way to an understanding of reciprocal influences. These principles have permeated into a wide range of areas of study and practice, transforming the way we approach research and spatio-temporal relations.
The 2011 AHRA Queen's Belfast Peripheries conference will invite discussion via papers and short films on the multiple aspects periphery represents -- temporal, spatial, intellectual, technological, cultural, pedagogical and political – with, as a foundation for development, the following themes:
Peripheral practices
Practice-based research
Urban peripheries
Non-metropolitan contexts
Peripheral positions
From these themes might arise a series of questions:

* How do notions of periphery and proximity impact on the construction of cultural memory?
* Is globalization facilitating the inclusiveness of peripheries or denying their local value to favour the centre?
* How does architecture respond to the challenges of temporal peripheries in varying historical, spatial and political contexts
* Does being on the edge heighten or transform architectural practice?
* What infrastructure is required for peripheral positions to exist? How are peripheries networked to one another and to centres?
* Can architecture support peripheral populations, and can these voices offer critique of architectural practice?
* How does interdisciplinarity -- the communication between perceived peripheral disciplines -- affect architectural practice?
* What are the shifting boundaries of alternative or peripheral currents of education, research and practice? Do architecture schools recognize the importance of peripheral subjects in their teaching?

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