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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Crossing the Line Conference. Call for Papers

Tibet: Self Portrait: Traced Wanderings by Irene Barberis

American University in Dubai, Dubai, UAE.
1st November – 3rd November 2011
Crossing the Line: Drawing in the Middle East - intersections of transdisciplinary practice and understanding will bring together specialists from various fields of research and practices to examine the role of drawing in the contemporary Middle East. Drawing as medium, as a tool, as notation, performance, and as a specific mode of thinking and imagining in the processes of invention, production, reproduction and communication within and across fields and disciplines: from art to science, from technology to ideology and cultural practices.
Conference themes:

Drawing as a transdisciplinary practice
Drawing as an intersection
Crossing the Line: hand and technology in a changing world
Drawing: a portrait and landscape-notations of our time.

This conference is a collaboration between The American
University in Dubai and RMIT University, Australia.
The deadline for abstracts/proposals is 15 August 2011.


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