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Monday, July 23, 2012

Breakfast with a landscape in the sour cream can

I´m a person of light and open windows. I´m always looking through the windows while cooking, while having breakfast, sometimes without attention to whatever I see.
A client of mine told me a few days ago, ¨Myriam, when you feel sad, look through the window, enjoy nature, life is beautiful.¨
Of course, not for everybody. 
Anyway, I´ve been having the same breakfast since I was 12 years old, two wheat toasts with sour cream or cream cheese and black tea with lemon and sweetener. 
A few days ago, I opened a new can of sour cream and was delighted to see, instead of plastic, a nice print on Aluminum, a landscape from the Grand Canyon, Arizona. A small detail that enlightened my morning. ¨ENJOY 100% NATURAL BEAUTY¨

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