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Monday, September 10, 2012

Spazio Urbano Protetto. A competition

About the competition: 
Participate with an idea to become Europe ....... The resource to reverse the trend in Europe to be felt far and not to compete "being happy to be European" can be represented today by the creativity and experience of young people, artists and professionals. L'Atelier PAEMA Urban Protected Area has launched in Rome last May 21 at the 'Representative Office in Italy of the European Parliament, the international ideas competition: "Becoming Europe - architectural ideas, creative and artistic to preserve the future of Europe", sponsored by the European Commission in Italy, which has concluded a series of five meetings for Europe. The competition is a summary of this work and aims to strengthen the dialogue between East and West, North and South, focusing on interculturality as another human face of globalization. E 'initiative open to those who feel the current theme of "becoming Europe" and that they want to promote cultural heritage through its experience of more passive witnesses of the various stages of the European journey. E 'in this perspective that are solicited proposals for architectural design ideas, creative, artistic. The competition is open to all citizens of the world and will be promoted through a series of meetings in different Italian cities, Europe and around the world, including Rome, Florence, Reggio Calabria, Naples, Brussels, Marseille, Berlin, Barcelona, ​​Athens, Bucharest, Jerusalem, Beijing, Shanghai, Kunming, New York, Boston, Buenos Aires. The announcement of the international competition , with its Scientific Committee is published on the site and proposals must be received by the day January 15, 2013 , by email to at.paema @ and offers will be evaluated from an authoritative evaluation commission .

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