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Friday, September 25, 2009

The wrong assignment

I was a student in the last years of Architecture career when I was working at a Studio in Buenos Aires Downtown. One of the associated architects began working at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism in Buenos Aires, teaching architectural design in the second year.
One day he felt terribly bad and we asked him what happened. It was a consequence of a students's assignment. What I would recall years after, as a Chief of practical exercises, as the wrong assignment. The Design chair asked the students to find a "design" problem in each student's family house. It was expected the new students would say, for example, " the kitchen is too big compared to the bedrooms", or " there is wasted space in circulations"...etc.
The architect of this story asked a student what he had found. And he answered "my house is full of humidity stains". Because it was the real problem for his family. The astonished professor, explained that there would be many DESIGN problems apart from the stains.......and he listed the possibilities, following the objectives. He saw the tears running down on the student's face: he had realized that his house was worse than he had ever supposed.
It is inevitable to discover the "mistakes" in the family houses, once you learn how to analize a house. What you learn at last in the professional life is to respect anybody's house, poor or rich, a castle or a shack. It always depends on the context. I've selected this picture to show that even the beautiful buildings get older.

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