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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Beginning the fractal analysis of simulation of Urban Fabric Regeneration

These graphics are analysis of fractal dimension, surface plots and plots of the images I simulated for Nagasaki. My objective -today- is to find out if I can get closer to the original fractal dimension of Nagasaki, before the Atomic bomb's impact. Then, I'll see if a similar fractal Dimension is representative of the original characteristics of the urban pattern.

This is Nagasaki before the bomb. Fractal Dimension D is in the rank of 1.80

After the bomb, the fractal dimension D is approximately 1.55. From now on, we'll see how we approach to the original fractal dimension. Surface plots will be showing the rugosity of the urban fabric. The land will be filled slowly following the main ruins concentration.

The problem I find here, is that I can get very close to the first fractal dimension  value, but the urban fabric, as shown on the left side plot, still does not have the complexity shown on the first image before the bomb. This one appears softer. It means, probably lacunarities are Ok, but the urban morphological pattern is still not representing the inhabitants' main urban structures. Fractal Dimension, is not enough for this exercise, and more adjustments of the urban fabric will be needed.
To be continued.....


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    1. Hello Mohamad, it´s Image J and it was created to analyze medical images. Best regards,



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