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Thursday, March 17, 2011

If We Want To. An exhibition on the role of the forest in a sustainable future. Sweden

Sweden forest. From

Welcome to the VIP-viewing and inauguration of "If We Want To" at 5 pm on Friday, March 18 in the Skellefteå town hall. The travelling exhibition If We Want To is produced by Virserum Art Museum.
As one of the chosen cities of Wooden City 2012, Skellefteå is the obvious choice to host If We Want To. The exhibition will focus on the importance of wood as well as create a dialogue on how climate friendly timber construction can contribute to a sustainable society.
When Virserum Art Museum embarked on their third major exhibition on wood and wood architecture, the issues of sustainability and the climate were impossible to ignore. There was a sense that these issues had lost focus following the COP15 climate change conference in Copenhagen. Which made the issues even more pertinent. The future will look very different. But in what way? The exhibition ”If We Want To” presents the international call for an Architecture of Necessity. The exhibition is accompanied by a rich, hardbound catalogue in both Swedish and English. ”If We Want To” will now go on a tour.
1. We’re screwed. This scene describes climate change and its consequences for humanity through various fluorescent graphs and scatter diagrams.
2. The lure of the city. An installation that depicts a typical slum-dwelling.
3. At night I dream. Climate disaster creates climate refugees.
4. Kisses or growth. This scene deals with the pursuit of happiness
and wealth. The consumer hysteria that leads to a wasteful use of resources.
5. The architect’s room
6. Sustainability
7. The forest will save us
8. Sustainable countryside
9. Wood construction today
10. The world’s premier wood architecture
Henrik Teleman
This touring exhibition will possibly go to Canada this autumn

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