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Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is Tactical Urbanism?

A better block
Here I invite you to read the book at ¨Tactical Urbanism¨, by MIKE LYDON, DAN BARTMAN, RONALD WOUDSTRA, AURASH KHAWARZAD

¨Improving the livability of our towns and cities commonly starts at the street, block, or building scale. While larger scale efforts do have their place, incremental, small-scale improvements are increasingly seen as a wayto stage more substantial investments. This approach allows a host of local actors to test new concepts before making substantial political and financial commitments.Sometimes sanctioned, sometimes not, these actions are commonly referred to as “guerilla urbanism,” “pop-up urbanism,” “city repair,” or “D.I.Y. urbanism.” For the moment, we like “Tactical Urbanism,” (...)
Parking day
Pavement to plazas
In short, tactical urbanism interventions create alaboratory for experimentation. Case studies from across North America reveal the benefit of taking an incremental approach to the process of city building. To be sure, long term change often starts with the process of trying something small. Upon implementation, results may be observed and measured in real-time. And when done inexpensively, and with flexibility, adjustments maybe made before moving forward.¨
Pop-up cafes
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