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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Trascending Architecture Symposium. Washington DC

The Symposium will take place this Fall (October 6-8, 2011) at Catholic University of America School of Architecture and Planning. It is entitled “Transcending Architecture: Aesthetics and Ethics of the Numinous”. Attendance will be free of charge but you must register to secure a seat.
The “Transcending Architecture” symposium will consider the aesthetics and ethics that move us from the ordinary to the extraordinary, from the profane to the sacred. Far from avoiding the charged issues of subjectivity, society and intangibility, we will examine the phenomenological, symbolic, and designerly ways in which the holy gets fixed and transmitted through architecture. A remarkable group of presenters will provide attendees with ample opportunities for intellectual, spiritual, and professional growth. Confirmed speakers include Juhani Pallasmaa, Karsten Harries, Thomas Barrie, Karla Britton, Michael Crosbie, Lindsay Jones, Rebecca Krinke, and Maged Senbel.
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