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Monday, March 5, 2012

London´s Olympic Games 2012

Aquatics Centre

Basketball Arena

Aerial View

I still remember the issues at the South Africa World Cup 2010, they were not on time to complete the construction works as required, but it seems in London, they are doing pretty well for 2012 Olympic Games. Also Brazil 2014 is being highly criticized for the delays. From Brent Toderian´s article:

¨While most will tune in for the sporting competition and intense nationalism, global urbanists will also be intrigued by the city-building in preparation for the Games, the unique planning necessary for their successful operations (including incredibly complex transportation planning), and the “look of the city” moves and “spectaculars” that will transform London for the global cameras and tourists. These moves will have both immediate and lasting effects on the cultural and civic life of the host city. (...) First, to London, and the "time-clock" for preparation of the venues and city. Construction completion and the hand-over of facilities, always the biggest stress in the year before the opening ceremonies, seems to be going well according to the press. Many existing facilities are being enhanced and retrofitted (often a strategic and responsible thing to do, rather than constructing new), and new buildings like the Zaha Hadid designed Aquatics Centre and the massive Olympic Stadium, appear to be ready for test events (as the saying goes in the Olympics process, they have to be ready - there’s no option to push back the Opening Ceremonies).¨

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