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Friday, December 7, 2012

An homage to the memory of a building. Corten apartments

In a previous post about the Getty Villa in Malibu, I was complaining about the reconstruction of an ancient building, though I loved visiting the Villa and enjoyed the day, the building is fake when compared to the original one in Italy.
Here is one great example of the homage of a building, the celebration of what it was before its destruction. The building's memory or let's say the collective memory of the neighborhood written in fading words on a steel facade. Beautiful and solemn.

, architecture and design, was committed for the renovation of the Campiello, which has been inaugurated on september 2011. The project reached its goal of retraining a very important part of Vigonovo, realizing a new place of social aggregation in completion with the historical center.
Taking a place back to life and bringing it back to its ancient glory means to recall the voices that lived in it, the history fragments, the pieces of daily life and tradition that can be found and traced out on a sheet of paper. This huge piece of paper has become, in the project of the Campiello, a big sculpture made of 190 sheets of corten steel which spread for 300 mq and are to be read as a giant and enigmatic page of a book.

All pictures by FG+SG

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