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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Interesting, mysterious landscapes

By Moises Levy

Artic Auroras. Photograph by Ole C. Salomonsen.
Northern lights dance over the Lyngan Alps near Tromse, Norway. Via National

Aurora borealis. Photograph by Pavel Kantsurov. Curtains of auroras shimmer over the snow covered forests of Norilsk, Russia. Via National

Langøya Island, Norway. Aerial Photograph by Robert B. Haas

Industrial by-products form a swirling palette at a waste-treatment facility on this island south of Oslo.—Photograph and caption from the National Geographic book Through the Eyes of the Vikings

By Moises Levy

By Moises Levy

Blue Planet Aquarium, a building that blends in the landscape, Denmark. By archs.3XN. Photo by Adam Mörk

Fictional Reality / Daily Dream by Samad Ghorbanzadeh. From

Dead trees in the mist. Posted by Flickr user donaldwcross

Woods of Cochiwan. Please zoom to see the author´s name

Sliding stones in Death Valley, CA. Google images

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