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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Various designs of landscape benches

A few days ago, Lisa Foderaro posted at The New York Times an article about creative benches design in the parks of New York. 

"There are wooden chaises roomy enough for two. Bar-stool-style perches with river views. Communal work stations for laptop users. Huge granite slabs. Even hammocks. That most prosaic of public furnishings, the New York City park bench, has morphed into a blank canvas on which designers, landscape architects and artists have unleashed their fantasies.
Architects and park officials say the trend has gained momentum as the city has reclaimed its waterfront and turned forgotten public nooks into plazas. The drop in crime and the lower profile of the city’s homeless population were also contributing factors." 

From the article's gallery, I'm sharing the three pictures above, but I also would like to contribute with my own. I personally prefer any bench that is surrounded by nature.
The following pictures belong to my archives and were taken in June and July 2013, in Laguna Beach and Rancho Los Alamitos, California:

This is a great design, a sculpture of three iron men supporting the minimalist wood bench.

A bench in a cactus and succulents garden. Rancho Los Alamitos, Long Beach, CA

A bench with a great cactus behind. Mission of San Juan Capistrano, CA
April 2013

A bench at the Mission of San Juan Capistrano. December 2013

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