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Friday, October 4, 2013

The colors of the Ecological Reserve of Huntington Beach

We are always passing by the Ecological Reserve of Huntington Beach, but from Pacific Coast Highway, it looks pretty different, just water, birds, grass, sand, native bushes. 
And it was by chance that I´ve seen from Google maps the colors of the Reserve beyond the highway, the patterns of sand, water, minerals, the tracks, the paths, from the sky, everything looks like abstract paintings.
My son, while watching the video, said, ¨is this true?¨ He never imagined the Reserve the way it´s shown here.
I have navigated the map, changed the zooms, selected, cropped and enhanced the images with more contrast and a little more saturation.
Enjoy the landscape.

This is my digital intervention of a picture I took with my cell phone, from PCH.

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