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Thursday, March 9, 2017

Upgrading spatiality from a 2D plain fabric

I am always thinking of three dimension or upgrading 2D to 3D spatiality.  This is a natural habit for an architect´s profession and I find it amusing when I pass a plain 2D to 3D thanks to the possibility of shrinking materials, like Aluminum foil, painted canvas, and some fabrics as well.
This is a Japanese scarf that I have found by chance inside a beautiful embroidered purse that I bought at the local swap meet long years ago. 
I don´t wear it since the colors are golden and it looks weird in everyday clothes, but I decided to make some art out of it.
The fabric is splendid, it has those golden tints mixed with blues and reds. It´s hard to manipulate and I used a glass container to keep a shape like the insides of a cave.
I take it as an interesting exercise of shapes, colors and lighting. My pictures were taken today.
I hope they are inspiring for architectural designs....

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