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Monday, December 14, 2009

Holidays Greetings to my dear readers

First of all, I´d like to apologize if my English is not perfect, but while you understand, it´s OK for me. It would have been easier to write in my native language, but I wanted to reach more people, to leave something to trigger ideas. This blog reminds me when I taught Architecture and had nice talks with and for the students. How I miss it...Research could be a lonely task....
If everything goes as planned, (great expectations!) I´ll defend my doctorate thesis in July 2010. That would be so great for me and my family, after years that we don´t visit our country. After this, I´ll switch my research to urban tissue regeneration.
It´s been a couple of months since I have this blog, and I´m really satisfied with my readers and the results. Though, a few comments are left, some students and scholars send me emails, saying thank you for sharing thoughts about this or that. It is reconforting.
I also share the administration of a ning web Fusion de las Artes, where all kind of artists are gathered. I´ve created two groups, one of landscape, mithology and arts; the other one is culinary arts, because I also enjoy cooking, after all this is creativity too! For those who are interested to be a member, just send me an email and I can send a cordial invitation. In the meanwhile, you are very welcome to read (translator is available)
All the subjects I´ve written about, are different, but somehow connected, since my technical background has an objective, and this is to have people in mind -in first place-. High technology gives us tools, and I offer my heart through technology.
Maybe I´ll never be able to regenerate urban patterns in the aftermaths of a catastrophe; but who knows, maybe I could help in a different way. Just a denunciation of fires in slums, caused on purpose, is at least a little contribution....
In respect for all religions, races and ideas,  I wish the best for you all. HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

All digital fractal paintings by Myriam B. Mahiques


  1. Hola Myriam!
    Felices Fiestas!!! Espero que las difrutes muchisimo junto a tus amados!

  2. Felicidades a Uds tambi'en!!!!!!!!! Cariños, gracias por entrar a leer.



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