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Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Site Meter was Hacked

The funny 666 stabilized all day long.....counting zero last hour and beginning to give me back some visits...

I had been under somebody's investigation for approximately 15 days. Site Meter allows you the opportunity to count the daily visits, the location of the computer, time of visit, references, etc. So, I could see "somebody" was constantly connected to my blog, not a researcher, as he/she wouldn't have time, not a student... I could find the location of the computer which hacked my blog and made the corresponding report to site meter. Today, though the new visitors are shown in the flag counter, the current visitors are not counting, supposedly I have 0 visits today and for yesterday, though I've seen more than 100 at night, today, I have a report of 13, changed then to 26. Early today, 100 visitors were "erased" from the icon below. I won't have any other choice than to erase the site meter and choose another company. Unless they resolve this problem today. If I leave site meter, they will be losing a potential client, because at first is free, but then, if the blog grows, it is better to pay the service.
I understand my visitors clicks are going somewhere else, with the purpose of commercialization of any other blog. The good news, is that the hacker's interest is showing me that my blog was growing, every day, with great expectations. In a few months, I got more than 5000 visitors from so many different countries all around the world. And be adviced that every time I enter, I am not counting.
The bad part of it, is that now, I cannot see the subjects that need more attention, or the scholars' interest. The funniest part of it, the page views stabilized in 666, so, if it was the joke, the hacker is brute enough not to understand that what the Bible says is a symbol, nobody can say exactly they are numbers.
This is modern life, it's not a big deal, but a hacker must be a person who has studied, and it is sad somebody with a certain culture is getting profits with frauds. Thank you.

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