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Sunday, February 6, 2011

DIY Do it yourself Urbanism

Dumpster pools
" No longer empty" 

I came across with this nice essay by Mimi Zeiger for the Design Observer Group. In these years of financial crisis, I've seen so many stores closed, foreclosures, our library closed at weekends, campaments, and so on. Desolation.
And now, it seems people is moving ahead with urban-domestic proposals.
This is an excerpt from Mimi's essay, the pictures are an excellent representation of this kind of " movement".
Parking day
Parking day
" Our current recession is inspiring its own strategies and tactics: It's increasingly a catch-all for a host of urban interventions. This is a trend that I like to describe with a mouthful of a title: Provisional, Opportunistic, Ubiquitous, and Odd Tactics in Guerilla and DIY Practice and Urbanism. With this verbaciousness, I hope to capture the tactical multiplicity and inventive thinking that have cropped up in the vacuum of more conventional commissions. These days vacant lots offer sites for urban farming, mini-golf, and dumpster pools. Trash recycles into a speculative housing prototype (see the Tiny Pallet House). Whether it’s The Living’s Amphibious Architecture or Mark Shepard's Serendipitor, the built environment speaks through mobile devices. Retail spaces hit by the recession are fodder for reinvention, as the art organization No Longer Empty transforms unleased storefronts into temporary galleries. Even the street itself is reclaimed. REBAR’s annual initiative, Park(ing) Day, urges global participants to use a pranksters wit to turn parking spaces into pocket parks, one quarter at a time."
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All pictures downloaded from the article.

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