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Saturday, February 26, 2011

South Sudan is planning its new Capital

A scale model of the new capital of Southern Sudan. Photo by Pascal Ladu
Juba Town
Southern Sudan, a semi-autonomous region that has just voted to become fully independent, is to build a brand new capital city, replete with modern town planning and expansion possibilities for generations to come, according to a government official. Juba, located in Central Equatoria State, is the current capital of Southern Sudan.
The oil-induced expansion of Juba has been chaotic and unplanned. It is in this context that the authorities have been making provisions for an alternative seat of government.
The proposed plans for the future capital city are now on display in the meeting hall of the Council of Ministers in Southern Sudan. Last week, the GoSS Council of Ministers proposed two sites including Ramshel (also spelled Ramciel), which was first proposed in 2003 by the former Sudan People’s Liberation Movement (SPLM) chairman, the late Dr John Garang De Mabior.
Ramshel is in the centre of Southern Sudan, located in the border areas of Lakes State, Jonglei State and Unity State. The second possible location – which remains nameless at this stage – is in the Northeast of Central Equatoria State, bordering Eastern Equatoria, Jonglei and Lakes States. Basing a capital in either of these locations would ensure proximity to the principal oil-producing areas.
Excerpts and pictures from Pascal Ladu´s article. At 

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  1. they need todouble check the scale model of the new capital, the chould be more buildings that is short, behind the skyscarps those building look weird like that, plus dont just sign contract with any person, the government should check with Dubia and Emirates and the sign deals with those people



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