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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The demolition of a life´s labor building

I can understand the owner of this property´s feeling, but, on the other side, I understand the City´s local regulations for Zoning and Building and Safety, I can say they are hard, but, considering the earthquakes and fire issues, it´s better for anybody to submit plans and be sure that everything is safe.
Now, if anybody has to pay permits, why the City would allow illegal properties? Why would anybody build a house skipping fees? When the City finds an illegal property, the process is simple. The owner will receive a letter from Code Enforcement, a professional has to be hired to provide the plans together with Title 24 Energy calculation and structural calculations. If it´s not done, the City has the right to demolish the illegal structures.
And nobody is taken by surprise. From Los Angeles Times:

¨A retired phone company technician who has been battling code enforcement over his ornate maze of structures dubbed "Phonehenge West" said he is not defeated -- even as workers began demolishing his three-decade project.
Alan Kimble Fahey, 59, of Acton had spent almost 30 years building his creation from discarded power company utility poles and other recycled materials. But he was convicted in June on a dozen building code violations because he did not obtain the proper permits.
Fahey has moved to a rental property in Tehachapi and has hired a company to start dismantling a 70-foot tower -- the highlight of his life's labor. Fahey said Friday morning the tower would probably come down within hours.
When asked if he would rebuild, Fahey said, "Even better. They haven't broken me."
I hope next time Mr Fahey submits all plans and calculations...


  1. Miryam, muy interesante. Pobre hombre le demolieron lo que habia construído.
    Fui directamente al artículo del diario para poder traducirlo con el traductor porque en tu espacio no me funcionaba
    Sugerencia ¿por qué no ponés un traductor en tu blog en inglés?
    Beso y me encanta todo lo que sea construcciones ya que ayudé a mi papá en sus obras.

  2. Norma, acabo de traducir el post desde el traductor, arriba, a la derecha, buscás Spanish y listo. Buscá la galería de fotos en el diario,
    te va a gustar.
    Unb eso,



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