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Thursday, February 2, 2012

A ¨ghost sign¨ revealed after a demolition

Picture by Nicole Bengiveno. New York Times

From Dan Barry´s article at NYTimes, a ghost sign revealed for the city´s memory:

Here, along a seamless stretch of small-city blight, a deserted storefront had held its own. With 9 of its 10 front windows broken, it fit in among the two boarded-up bank buildings, last used as houses of worship, and the abandoned Jimmy’s Custom Cleaners, whose claim to being open remained true, since you could stroll right into the emptiness.
Finally, a year or two ago, demolition workers knocked down this Highland Avenue building in a municipal act filed somewhere between reclamation and surrender. But in doing so, they uncovered a rare portal to the faraway past, when boys wore knickers and Highland Park was the vibrant home of the Ford Motor Company’s first moving assembly line.
The demolition revealed two colorful, well-preserved advertisements that had adorned the brick side of the adjacent building for nearly a century.

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