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Monday, May 7, 2012

A book on Frank Lloyd Wright´s graphic designs

I´m sharing an excerpt of the review by Maria Popova on the book Frank Lloyd Wright. Graphic Artist.
I´d love to have this book, I have two already with the works of the great architect, but didn´t know too much about his work on graphic design.

¨Frank Lloyd Wright is considered by many the most influential architect in modern history, but despite his enormous cultural recognition, the full extent of his contribution to design — posters, brochures, typography, murals, book and magazine covers — remains relatively obscure. In Frank Lloyd Wright: Graphic Artist (public library), Penny Fowler examines Wright’s ingenious and bold graphic work — his covers for Liberty (some of which were so radical the magazine rejected them), his mural designs for Midway Gardens, his photographic experiments, his hand-drawn typographical studies, the jacket designs for his own publications, including The House Beautiful and An Autobiography, and a wealth more.¨

Read the article in full and enjoy more pictures:

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