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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Art in the US Open in Huntington Beach and Laguna Beach

¨With the US Open of Surfing opening tomorrow in sunny Southern California, Push was commissioned to paint some murals for Converse. This piece was painted at Livery Design Gruppe in Huntington Beach featuring some of the MSK-affiliated writer’s signature patterns and colors. Check out a photo set of the walls below as well as some in-progress shots. Photo credit: James Ng for Arrested Motion.¨

Yesterday I was passing by the  US Open in our way to Laguna Beach. Too much people, but it´s a real urban feast. I took these pictures at approx. 4.30 PM at the corner of Main St, Huntington Beach

Then, in Laguna Beach, I´ve seen the guerrilla knitting (also called yarn bombing) on two trees at the Main Beach Park, and I was wondering if it was the work of Magda Sayeg. But no, I´ve been researching and here is the permit for the temporary installation by Twisted Stitchers:

The Laguna Beach Independent says that this wrapping is an ¨unusual venue¨. It seems to me that the article´s author doesn´t know too much about the subject. I think it´s a mere copy of the mere copy .... of the works of Magda Sayeg. Read the note here:

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