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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Massive crocheted alligator in Sao Paulo

After looking at the pictures of Magda Sayeg´s urban guerrilla, with her knitting in urban spaces, I´m wondering who was first with the idea. 
Anyway this is not urban guerrilla, this is Art or, landscape art. The pictures posted here have been downloaded from MSN (worst of all, they don´t mention the author, not even the place) and Inhabitat, from where I also took this excerpt:
With the help of a team of “crocheteiros,” Olek completely covered the massive alligator in colorful yarn and ribbons. Kids can climb in, through and on top of the brightly-colored alligator, which loses some of its intimidation with that blanket of pink yarn. The crocheted alligator is part of the SESC Arts Show 2012, a non-profit arts show across several venues that runs from July 19 to 29 in São Paulo.
The Polish-born artist has been quite prolific recently, covering everything from a convertible to the bull on Wall Street in bright-colored yarn.

This is Olek´s design for an apartment in NYC, also from

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