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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Urban ties design

London tie
This is a post to relax myself from technical issues; tomorrow,  the Soccer World Cup begins, and being an Argentine, it will be very difficult for me to concentrate on architecture while hearing my husband and ¨kids¨ shouts.
I remember in the 90´s, it was  the fashion for men to wear ties with small faces, flowers, stars, etc. A tie, is also a sign for a man´s personality (well, some women use ties too), and it was hard for some classic men to accept the small elements in bright colors. And no design surprises me now, but I really thought that the ad I´ve received from Planetizen´s news was a kind of joke. It is not. The urban magazine on line, Planetizen (which I highly recommend), is offering for father´s day, ties with urban plans on them. Let us see  some examples! -my favourite one is Washington-

Chicago tie

New York tie

Paris tie

Philadelphia tie

San Francisco tie

Washington tie

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