Arch. Myriam B. Mahiques Curriculum Vitae

Monday, January 30, 2012

Active relations with the environment in Sunset Beach

Amos Rapoport, architect and anthropologist, taught us about the human interventions in the environment. Buildings would conform the fixed environment, furniture, objects, etc are the non fixed elements of the environment. When inhabitants interact with their environment, they leave clues about the way they live or feel.
Sunset beach is a quiet small neighborhood that was annexed to the city of Huntington Beach, Southern California. Here, some examples of the town character of some houses, the marine decoration, the nice garden in a public boulevard, full of stones with the ¨designer´s¨ memories. I´m not sure if everybody in town is allowed to add plants and objects to the garden, but I think there wouldn´t be any problem to share memories.
All pictures by Myriam B. Mahiques, personal archives.

And that´s me, with some beach houses, in Sunset Beach. A bad picture taken by  my husband.

¨The ¨will to live,¨ often said to be the great inclusive motive of all living creatures, is in human beings not simply the will to stay alive but rather the will to live in active relations with the environment. Being equipped with sense organs and motor organs and a well developed brain, the human individual has a fundamental inclination to deal with environment. This motive is not primarily directed toward serving the organic needs and meeting the emergencies of life, but toward knowing objects and persons, doing things to them, and participating in what is going on in the environment. Just because this objective tendency is so all persuasive it is often overlooked and omitted from a list of fundamental motives, where it certainly belongs. It shows itself in the general tendencies to explore and manipulate the environment, and in a great variety of more specific interests.¨
Robert Woodworth and Donald Marquis, Psychology, 5th edition, Holt, Rinehart and Winston, Inc., New York, 1947, p. 323.

Footprints of the seaside´s visitors in a beautiful winter day. The track of the interaction with the environment


  1. No me atrevía a decirlo, pero los usos y desusos de la adjetivación en la muy noble y muy leal lengua de Alfonso X el sabio y de Induráin; son diversos : de tal manera que cuando se dice, que una foto es buena, tomada por el marido, se quiere decir que la foto no está mal, tomada por un no más mal marido. ¿Y si la foto es mala? ¡¡Ah; si la foto es mala, tomada por un no menos -lo que se dijo antes- marido!!

    1. jajajaja, muy ingenioso! Me sacó un par de fotos y todas ellas con macro, o sea, borrosas :( Y después dice que hizo un curso de fotografía!



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