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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Frank Gehry´s design for Toronto

David Mirvish’s proposal for a massive new project by architect Frank Gehry in the heart of Toronto’s theatre district seems to have caught the city off guard. But should it have? Downtown Toronto (indeed, much of the city) is going through a metamorphosis of extraordinary proportions, both in the number of projects now eclipsing other North American cities and in the move to buildings of a scale we haven’t seen before. A flight into the island airport reveals a burgeoning forest of towers bringing huge infusions of new condos as well as new office buildings and new institutions growing and reshaping themselves.
REFERENCE: Text and two first pictures from the article by Ken Greenberg
An image from Frank Gehry’s designs for David Mirvish’s project to remake his properties at King Street West and John St. in Toronto. (Courtesy of Gehry International Inc.)

(The first picture reminded me The Simpsons´ chapter when Frank Gehry rejected Maggie´s requirement for a concert hall in Springfield. When he makes a paper ball of the petition, the idea is born).

Here, the consequences:

Frank Gehry Really, Really Regrets His Guest Appearance on The Simpsons

An interesting data from The New York Observer:

¨The Time Warner Center at Columbus Circle takes two crews about three months to clean, and New York by Gehry, a 76-story rental tower on Spruce Street with rippling stainless-steel siding, takes six to nine months, depending on the weather — cleaning crews will stay indoors if conditions are too windy, for example. (Extell Development Company declined to describe its plans for washing windows at its One57 project, which at 90 stories will be the tallest residential building in the city when it is completed.)¨

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