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Thursday, July 29, 2010

The ¨Plug in Farm¨, by Richard Meier

¨Famed architect Richard Meier was commissioned by Wallpaper Magazine to design a model for raising animals in an urban environment. The result is a design with agriculture stacked up on different planes of a skyscraper.
The Wallpaper* Handmade issue celebrates the art of design by commissioning fresh custom products from furniture to food from top-notch artists, designers, craftsmen, and architects. Well, one architect: Pritzker Prize winner Richard Meier.
Meier’s idea puts animal husbandry in the urban environment with a concept called Plug-in Farm, a series of residential and agricultural units that envision urban living as an efficient, sustainable team effort. Wait, back up one second: animal husbandry? The future just may be in breeding chickens, don’t you know.
As Wallpaper* writes, the farm is a “modestly sized but ultra-efficient modular concept” with a “three dimensional structural frame designed to be adapted to any site, from an unkempt corner of Manhattan to a slice of downtown Miami, reusing existing structures while building up residential density and community.”
The compound is clad in a signature Meier steel armature, though the units are pre-fabricated offsite and imported to the given site. It contains “plug-in” living and farming units, the latter “conceived as vertical vegetable plots to feed the adjoining apartments, with any surplus siphoned off into a local market.” And where’s all that husbandry taking place, you may wonder? “Public and private outdoor space includes a communal farm, allowing for small-scale animal husbandry up above street level.” Privacy would be decorous, yes¨.

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