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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards

One of the current entries. Research Biomedical Complex of Barcelona
The Western Red Cedar Architectural Design Awards specifically recognize innovative design using one of the world’s most unique building materials, Western Red Cedar. All entries must be submitted by July 30, 2010.
All entries must be submitted online. You must create an account or be logged in to enter.
Minimum of 5 high resolution photos of the project, including one front elevation, detail and interior photo.
Submissions must also include site layout and floor plans.
If entry is a remodel or renovation project, entrant must provide at least 2 additional "before" images.
Entrant must provide a 250 word project description with particular comments on why western red cedar was selected.
A CD of the high-res images of the submitted entries is to be provided to the WRCLA upon request (WRCLA receives unlimited usage rights, but not ownership, of the high-res images).
The WRCLA and their members receive the right to profile the submitted projects in marketing campaigns including online, print, displays, etc. promoting Western Red Cedar.
WRCLA respect the privacy of property owners. Property owner name(s), contact information and property addresses are not to be included in award entries unless such information is also that of the architect, builder or photographer to be credited for the job.
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