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Friday, November 26, 2010

A green future for Brooklyn-Queens Expressway trench

Connections. Picture by Starr Whitehouse Landscape Archs.
Green Canopy. Picture by Starr Whitehouse Landscape Archs.
Maximum Green. Picture by Starr Whitehouse Landscape Archs.
¨The proposals (..... will)) decide the future of the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway trench which severs the Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, and Columbia Street Waterfront neighborhoods of Brooklyn. Residents spoke up and prioritized their wishes for a less disruptive BQE including reduced noise and pollution, increased neighborhood connectivity and bike / pedestrian safety, and an overall greener streetscape.
In short, the BQE is going green, or at least as green as a pollution-spewing six-lane highway can be. Luckily the NYC EDC, NYC DOT, and Starr Whitehouse Landscape Architects have come up with three compelling design solutions to improve the area.¨
Posted by Branden Klayko

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