Arch. Myriam B. Mahiques Curriculum Vitae

Monday, November 1, 2010

Mitigating disaster through design and construction conference

MARCH 2-3 2011. Renaissance Washington DC. Dupont Circle Hotel
Contact: 800-371-3238
Floods, tornados, hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and landslides
disrupt our environments and lead to financial and sometimes human loss. While natural hazards are inevitable, disastrous consequences are not, if policy-makers, designers and builders plan successfully.
ENR’s Mitigating Disaster through Design & Construction Conference will explore these critical issues:
How the public and private sectors can improve planning to create resilient urban, as well as rural, communities to withstand the outcomes of natural hazards.
Creating common risk-assessment methodologies.
Inspection mechanisms and training programs.
Managing society’s evolving expectations
Incentive (i.e. tax credits) and disincentive programs that plan for mitigation and resilience.
Determining funding priorities.
How social media has helped raise awareness.

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