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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Lamp Lighting Solution Award 2011

Anemona lamp.By Francesco Giannatassio

LAMP LIGHTING SOLUTIONS values the creativity, innovation and sustainability of the lighting projects, regardless of the manufacturer or the brand of lights used in the project.

For additional information visit: or the Facebook page Premios Lamp Lighting Solutions (Lamp Lighting Solutions Awards).
 The awards are divided into 4 categories:
1.    Architectural Exterior Lighting
Lighting projects for exterior illumination such as: facades, sport facilities, monuments, canopies, etc.
2.    Interior Lighting
Lighting projects for interior illumination such as: shops, restaurants, museums, exhibition halls, single buildings, offices, etc.
3.    Urban and Landscape Lighting
Lighting projects for urban illumination such as: squares, roundabouts, avenues, streets, parks, bridges, etc.
4.    Students Proposals
This year's theme is "Nomads"; lighting projects for mobility areas such as: airports, harbors, metro, bus and tram stations, taxi stands, bicycle stops, etc. Only idea-based projects will be accepted.
We would like to count with your contribution in order to create awareness concerning awards and it´s contest rules by your web site or social network, as well as promoting it between your readers.
Please find enclosed/attached to these message awards contest rules, awards logo and press release. 
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