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Sunday, November 21, 2010

A look at contemporary Berlin through the pictures of Frank Schirrmeister

Frank Schirrmeister is a photographer who lives in Berlin. These pictures are from his series ´Plain City¨.
¨Plain City is an attempt to keep hold of something, to retain or preserve a particular vision of Berlin, whose only constant is constant change. Berlin today is deemed the trendsetting city in Europe. Due to clever marketing and low-budget airlines, it is known around the world as "the place to be." As someone who was born in Berlin, I find it difficult to keep pace emotionally as the city reinvents itself with dizzying speed. I often have the feeling that my own city doesn't belong to me anymore, but to the forces of the global economy. When photographing Berlin, I am constantly trying to scrutinize and to challenge the popular image of the city. I explore the town beyond the facade, delve into the deeper layers of the metropolis.¨
All pictures by Frank Schirrmeister.

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