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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Concerns and recommendations by the Industry Council on temporary shelters after natural disasters

Haiti seism. Camp of children. From
Andres Duany´s design for a temporary shelter in Haiti
The disaster in Haiti demonstrates the critical importance housing has on the ability of an affected community to effectively respond to and recover from a natural disaster.
Sawyer revealed that the major, ongoing tragedy in Haiti is the vast number of temporary camps set up and housing
1.3 million people. The FEMA trailers after Katrina are another example that underscore the need for better
solutions for temporarily housing people immediately after disaster strikes and for rebuilding housing for the long term.
The following concerns and recommendations were offered by the Industry Council:
Temporary Housing
1. Recognizing that temporary housing may be in place for a long time, designate appropriate sites in the case of a natural disaster that can function appropriately as short or long-term communities.
2. Avoid putting people in temporary housing in isolated areas after a disaster. The people will need to find jobs and interact with their communities again.
3. Create modular/kit housing that is sufficiently scalable to be employed effectively after a disaster, both in terms of speed of construction and in adequate volume to be able to house everyone displaced by the disaster.
Replacement Housing
1. Establish protocols before disaster strikes regarding standard building materials to be avoided, such as ones containing formaldehyde and other hazardous materials.
2. Pre-approve building products/components for a specific jurisdiction or zone to speed up the rebuilding process.
Avoid a “one size fits all” approach to rebuilding. Rynd’s recommendation that all rebuilding after a disaster must be done with an eye to beauty and function, and Rochman’s observation of the value of building in the local architectural style both speak to this point.
Designing for Disaster: Partnering to Mitigate the iMPact of natural Disasters
insights Drawn from the national Building Museum’s industry council for the Built environment, May 12, 2010

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