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Monday, January 24, 2011

The musk scent of temples

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It seems that walls in some temples really smelled. The literal architecture of senses:
¨In the ancient world plant perfumes were enjoyed and made use of in religious ceremonies, as a disinfectant in the sickroom and for embalming. Hebrew women wore perfume balls suspended by a chain from the neck or the waist, like the later pomanders. Distilling was unknown, and perfumes were first made by boiling vegetable substances in fat to make a fragrant ointment. It is said that the mortar used in teh building of some ancient temples was partly mixed with musk, and for many years the walls continued to give out a powerful scent.¨
From the book Magic Green. By Lesley Gordon. P.14. London, 1977


  1. Que interesante, paredes perfumadas!! Muy buena idea, yo tengo por costumbre tirar un poco de perfume a las paredes, pero nunca se me habría ocurrido perfumarlas desde los materiales. Excelente! Un beso grande!!

  2. Sí, tengo un libro de la historia real de un judío durante las persecuciones en Portugal, y cuenta de su antigua casa con romero y otras especias en las mezclas.
    Un beso,



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