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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Riedikon House.

Gramazio & Kohler Architecture
Uster, Switzerland. By Ingrid Spencer
From certain angles, the house resembles the gable-roofed cottages in the Swiss village of Riedikon, which dates back at least to the early 8th century, on the lake known as Greifensee, near Zurich. Come closer and you realize this house, with its pitched, tentlike roof, its strip window following the angled roofline, and its enclosing screen of 315 vertical spruce slats, rough sawn on the sides and CNC-milled on the front and back, is nothing like its neighbors. The 3,175-square-foot house, designed by Zurich firm Gramazio & Kohler Architecture and Urbanism, is a reinterpretation of the regional typology that, as the firm’s principal Matthias Kohler explains, “parametrically adapts form to context.”
The program was simple enough — a two-­bedroom, two-bath house for a young family with one small child. The polygonal volume is intended to blend in with neighboring structures and provide generous, contemporary, adaptable spaces, including a ground floor atelier with a separate entrance for an art studio.

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All pictures from architectural record construction. Courtesy Gramazio & Kohler Architecture


  1. I saw Matthias present this project at an Australian conference. The screening device is so subtle, changing with each movement of the body and the sun.

  2. Thank you Bobby for your visit and comment



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