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Saturday, June 11, 2011

ICOMOS counseling against Le Corbusier´s buildings

The National Museum of Western Art. Photo: yisris.

When he was a young architect, my husband had a fellowship in UNESCO to research for ICOMOS. Of course, many years ago. He was astonished to learn about the news of Le Corbusier´s buildings´ being rejected, and, as always, we began a discussion on it. He had the opportunity to visit some of Le Corbusier´s buildings, I hadn´t. So, I´m not saying anything, just partially reproducing the news from
¨An advisory body to UNESCO has counseled against registering 19 buildings designed by French architect Le Corbusier, including the National Museum of Western Art in Taito Ward, Tokyo, as world cultural heritage sites, it has been learned.
The recommendation was made by the International Council on Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS), a cultural conservation organization, the central government's Cultural Affairs Agency said Saturday.

Ville Savoye, in Paris. Photo by valueyou, at
Notre Dam, Ronchamp. From

It is the first time ICOMOS has given such advice about a World Heritage-nominated site in Japan. As for why the 19 buildings should not be registered, ICOMOS claimed they do not clearly "demonstrate remarkable universal significance of the modern architectural movement" and that "Le Corbusier was not the only architect who promoted the modern architectural movement, in which many architects participated."

ICOMOS suggested, however, that three of the buildings--Villa Savoye in Paris, a Unite d'Habitation housing development in Marseille, France, and the Notre Dame du Haut chapel in Ronchamp, France--be nominated individually as examples of masterful architecture.
The National Museum of Western Art could potentially be added to the World Heritage register, according to ICOMOS, as a building that "shows the exchange of values that greatly influenced the development of architecture."
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  1. Hola Miryam, mi inglés es el de la secundaria así que me ayudo con el traductor.Según contás no se van a aceptar como patrimonio de la humanidad, todas las construcciones de Le Corbusier? Solamente3.
    Es así?

  2. Hola Norma, a mí también me sorprendió la noticia. Dice que 19 edificios de Le Corbusier no han sido recomendados por ICOMOS para ser ¨Patrimonio mundial cultural¨ o, mejor traducido, como patrimonio de la humanidad, por la UNESCO. ICOMOS dice que estos edificios no demuestran claramente una significación universal en el movimiento de la arquitectura moderna. Esto es lo que me deja estupefacta, si los edificios de Le Corbusier no representan la arquitectura moderna, entre otros, eso lo acepto, cuáles si no?
    Un beso,



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