Arch. Myriam B. Mahiques Curriculum Vitae

Sunday, February 15, 2015

The shadow of a chair. La sombra de una silla

It is well understood that architecture is not interior decor. Though, there are lots of architects who dedicate to the design of furniture, which at last are part of the architecture.
I´m more positioned on Loos´ side, good architecture, in my humble opinion, doesn´t need any decoration. But how dull a kitchen would look without the table, and the clothes, and the chairs....
I am trying to show here how a simple element, like a white leather chair can produce an interesting effect in a boring corner of the kitchen, a concept that makes me think twice about my Loos´ position, at least today, while having breakfast and enjoying the sunlight through the glass doors at 8 AM.

Somebody, and most probably my husband, has left the chair aside, and the hard shadow was drawn on it and on the free standing freezer. Besides, there´s the white shutters behind. All of a sudden, there´s an interesting effect.
Though I was expecting I could take a couple of bright white abstract pictures, my camera wouldn´t allow me to, so I switched to expressionist shots to illustrate my point.


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