Arch. Myriam B. Mahiques Curriculum Vitae

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Tree bark with "ancient or futuristic" inscriptions

I had to meet a client today and he was late. I was waiting for him at the parking lot of a warehouse, the place was empty and there was nothing interesting to see, except for a single yellow flower at the entrance. Until I got closer to this tree, apparently a common tree, no flowers, a straight trunk.... And I looked in detail, and first of all discovered some spheres adhered to the trunk. 
If you look at the next picture, it is almost perfect. And then, the textures, like tiny futuristic inscriptions. I say futuristic, as they remind me the perforated cards that were used at the beginning of the computers era.
But there was still more.

A weird stain, a natural carving as a hieroglyph.....

A tiny spiral and a rectangular depiction without bark, like Indigenous symbols,

And a man made inscription, very old I suppose, like initials.
I am always fascinated with barks but this time I've got more than expected. I hope you enjoy my "abstracts," I'm posting them as an homage to PI day.


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