Arch. Myriam B. Mahiques Curriculum Vitae

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Arts and 3D architecture

 This is the art of Hwang Seon Tae, it's like an acrylic panel with a dull grey architectural composition. A picture has to be taken in order to see the shadows and the 3D image. I took the picture together with ten more people, and once I was done, I saw a handwritten tiny sign around the stand corner "do not take pictures", which I think was a joke.....From Los Angeles Art Show 2017.

Thursday, February 2, 2017

When landscape is incorporated to arts

I came across a young artist, Eric, at the local park. He had extended a wrinkled plastic film between two pine trees to paint a blueish graffiti, which he was going to trash later on. I asked permission to take a few pictures and told him that it was very interesting to see the pine trunks and the grass behind. He looked at me in surprise, he was so focused in his art that he didn´t notice the trees were part of it. He thanked me and said he was happy that I had a different point of view.
I suggested him to see what happened around 5PM in the Winter sunset, those trees have very hard beautiful shadows on the grass and the effect would be different.
Arts X 2= the painting plus the photograph with the landscape incorporated to it.


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