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Friday, July 4, 2014

Colorful Los Angeles, California

Every time we go to Los Angeles, my husband is the driver so I have the opportunity to enjoy the murals and if he´s not driving fast, I can also take some casual pictures. 
Los Angeles is not exactly the city that is shown in Hollywood movies; setting aside the concentration of towers in downtown (not too much of them, compared to New York or Buenos Aires), there are low constructions, very colorful with murals in latino neighborhoods.
Here you have my last pictures, the area is next to the city of Alhambra:

A nice surprise: our dear Lionel Messi is looking at us while waiting for the green light.

Our dear Messi!

The following pictures were taken in 2012.

This one is in the Civic Center of East Los Angeles, this shot is older, from the construction times.

Here, a detail of Mercado La Paloma mural

Mercado La Paloma

A Mexican restaurant in Los Angeles

The Mayan Theater in downtown Los Angeles


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