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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Architectural photography of ¨Delicatessen¨

I don´t like French movies too much, but Delicatessen (1991) is one of my favorites. I´ve watched it three times, and now, I´ve been focused on the architectural photography that somehow reminded me the post michael wolf frames abstract views of parisian rooftops at Designboom, where the Parisian roofs are shown as abstract pictures, out of context.
These scenes look like paintings, some of them Surrealist, other Expressionist.
I am sharing today some screen shots from my computer, being in my humble opinion, the greenest, the best ones.

The man in his paper disguise is astonishing, a piece of art hanging from the staircase. Let´s say a beautiful paper sculpture.

The scene is reinforced by the snails and the water flooding the room. A dynamic scene with organic components.

The tunnels

The rooftops 

A rooftop like a Surrealist painting at the end of the movie


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