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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Best Picture in General News

Kent Klich, de Suecia, ganó el primer premio en General News con una foto tomada en la ciudad de Tuzzah, en la Franja de Gaza . Kent Klich, from Sweden won the 1st Prize in General News with a picture taken in the city of Tuzzah, Franja de Gaza. From
The Best Pictures of the Year were selected. The Italian Photographer Pietro Masturzo won the main prize, the Argentine Walter Astrada was distinguished again. 

I've selected this amazing picture as it is related to our discipline. A hole and a window, light is entering from both of them. But the meaning is completely different, life against death. Impressive.

El fotógrafo italiano Pietro Masturzo ganó el World Press Photo Award 2009 por una imagen sobre las manifestaciones contra la reelección del presidente iraní . This is the picture by the Italian Pietro Masturzo, he won the World Press Photo Award 2009, the image shows the manifestations against the Iranian president reelection. From
Violencia en Madagascar: el fotógrafo argentino Walter Astrada obtuvo el primer premio en la categoría Spots de actualidad . First prize for the Argentine Walter Estrada at the category Spots of Actuality. Violence in Madagascar
If you want to see the 8 pictures selected, click on any of the links above.

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