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Monday, February 1, 2010

Fractal Dimension and Colors

This is the binary file of the picture below. D=1.6869

Maritza's Fashion. Picture by Camilo J. Vergara

I have selected this picture to show the results of the fractal dimension based on the selection of color channels. Most researchers do not pay attention to the color issue. The original picture is converted into a binary file to apply the box counting method, regardless the colors. In this example, the file is the first picture. D=1.6869 is the result for the fractal dimension.
Let's go further. Maybe I want to emphasize a specific color or disregard any of them. Color is really important in this facade. Now, we'll see how the fractal dimension is affected by the color channel selection:

Maritza. Blue channel D=1.7344

Maritza. Green channel. D=1.6645

Maritza. Red channel. D=1.5947

Needless to say I found a big difference. So, the researcher has to take a decision about which elements of the facade will be considered or not. For instance, see that in the red channel, the sign above the door dissappears. In the blue channel binary file, the white circle on the left is taken as full, maybe this is not convenient. The opening is not correctly shown, while this is an important element for the composition. Both door and letters "Maritza" are taken as empty, it should be reversed. In my opinion, the green channel is the best selection and the result is pretty close to the original one. But more accurate.

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