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Monday, February 22, 2010

Introducing Arch. Cosmin´s Work on Urban Fractals

Fractal Urban simulation of Vienna.
Chirvasie Cosmin is an Architect from Bucharest, Romania, with a master degree in "Fractal and urban planning", 1994. For his thesis, he worked with Cantor fractals and graphs theory applied to the center of Bucharest in 1850. His finding was very interesting, as the set of Cantor he generated, showed that there would be needed a connection between two streets. Those streets were created in 1879! He regrets that they were destroyed when communists opened an archaeological site there and reconstructed an old palace.
Since then, he has been working in modeling ¨urban series¨.
The origin of this research was a modified Julia set. He agrees with me that one can generate infinite configurations but, if attractors, iterations and algorithms cannot be controlled through real contexts, they become just theory and beautiful images. That´s his main objective, to develop tools to find accurate urban simulations and similar applications in fractal urban planning.
After experimenting with attractors, he made his first generation of vectors in 2009, what allowed him to open a new field of research. His work is now based on the second generation of ring and infinite vectors. He states that, based on a good management of the environment and the socio-cultural-historical contexts, fractality can generate a convenient urban design.
In the meanwhile, he has just opened a third generation to introduce ¨time¨, and hierarchies, what is not an easy task. And of course he understands that he must be an architect concerned about people and their habitat,  more than a mathematician.
Below, we´ll see some examples of his work on the 1710 medieval Vienna. The last picture is an urban simulation of Vienna urban fabric in 3D, compared to a drawing of Vienna in 1640. He uses a free software Chaos Pro 3.3, that can be downloaded at
This software has a compiler where you can introduce your own fractal formulae in order to improve fractal urban simulations. The generator programs have 3 bits and Cosmin can acquire up to 23Mb images.
All pictures posted here belong to arch. Chirvasie Cosmin and were downloaded with his permission. Please do not reproduce them without his permission.
Publications: Review: "Secolul 20" - Brazilia
Number: 8-9-10 / 1998
Editorial: "Uniunea scriitorilor din Romania si Fundatia Culturala secolul 21", in translation " The  Romanian Writers Union and 21-th Century Cultural Foundation"
Title: "Orasul - un sistem complex", in translation " The Town - a complex system"
Authors: Chirvasie Cosmin and Andrei Barbu Multescu
pages: 297-304

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